About Us

The idea for beautyeveryday.com came about in 2001, before blogs, before the web was the hub of inspiration that it is today. we wanted to share images everyday of what inspired us...things we saw each day, on our comings and goings...

Finally, in 2008, we created this space to share all of the things that we love about the South- where we find beauty & we where find inspiration. Occasionally, we will travel elsewhere, but mostly, we will focus on the place we call home.

Each weekday we share an image- a daily beauty- that shows a moment of beauty, alongside a longer-form post...a photo essay with a different theme for each day of the week: garden to table, seasonal bloom, homes & habitats, in the country, and instant inspiration.




Rinne Allen

Rinne Allen is a photographer who lives with her husband and their two sons in an old house with a big garden near downtown Athens, Georgia. She was raised in Athens and still enjoys getting to know the place where she grew up. Rinne began working with Rebecca at R. Wood Studio right after college in 1995. From Rebecca, she has learned a lot about how to look at the world, and this knowledge is translated into each photograph she makes. Rinne now photographs for artisans & chefs all over the country, as well as her friends & neighbors in Athens.



Kristen Bach

Kristen spent most of her days in Wisconsin until the South stole her heart. She has spent a handful of years working for R.Wood Studio and is the owner and creator of a Kid's Shop and DIY Craft Center called TREEHOUSE. kid and craft. Kristen resides in Athens, Georgia, with her daughter, husband and two dogs. She spends her free time making and creating, spending time with her family, and exploring and photographing her surroundings.


Rebecca Wood

Rebecca Wood studied painting in college and spent the next ten years painting still-lives. After her daughter was born, she expanded her design interests and signed up for some china painting classes, which led to an interest in making her own plates in clay. With a rolling pin and a yard sale kiln, R. Wood Studio was born. 20 years later, R. Wood Studio plates are collected all over the country, and Rebecca is still creating new designs all the time.